Main events in the history of Pescaderías Coruñesas.

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Pescaderías Coruñesas is founded on the 15th of October of the same year that the company Lamigueiro y Jove is registered in the Trade Registry of La Coruña.
The corporate purpose was to be dedicate to fishing and its exploitation. It commercial same would be Pescaderías Coruñesas S.A.
Initial Capital Stock 200.000 pesetas.
In 1920 the capital stock reached 2.000.000 pesetas.
In 1923 it reaches 10.000.000 pesetas.

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Evaristo is born in Combarros (León). Son of Norberto and María Rosa

At the age of 9. He travels to Madrid to work in his family's fishmonger business. He works delivering fish to clients.
Among his clients, the most noterworthy are the restaurants Jockey, Horcher, and L'Hardy and the hotels Palace, Ritz, etc...

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Evaristo García takes charge of Pescaderías Coruñesas.
At the age of 23 he starts managing Pescaderías Coruñesas, company that was bought by his family.

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Our Pholosophy.
A client that buys sardines and cockles is just as important as those that bought prawns and eels.
All clients must leave satisfied.
Removing the word "NO" from our vocabulary forced the workers to always have all types of products and maintain the clients happy.
"We didn't ask anyone who they were or where they came from, we only want to serve them".

Hard Work
At Pescaderías Coruñesas work was from Monday to Sunday. The fish baskets, made of wood, were carried on the shoulder. If allowed we could take the tramway, but many times, transport was on foot.
Those baskets could weigh up to 70 kilos. Transport to other cities was by train.

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El Pescador. The restaurant is inaugurated.

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Opazo. The restaurant is inaugurated.

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Pescaderías Coruñesas moves to calle Juan Montalvo, 14

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Filandón. The restaurant is inaugurated.

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Albada. The restaurant is inaugurated

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Transmitting our passion for seafood

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Transmitting our passion for fish

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The highest quality in our products

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Treating all clients with utmost care and attention

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Every day as 100 years

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