La Tienda

La Tienda of Pescaderías Coruñesas

Enjoy the fish and seafood of the highest quality, as well as our packaged products and sushi. Visit our shop located in the heart of Madrid.

How to buy:

By visiting our store on:
C/ Juan Montalvo 14, next to Reina Victoria.

Opening hours:
From Monday to Saturday from 8:00  to 14:30 h. 
Closed on Sundays and holidays.

By placing an order:
By phone calling +34 91 533 15 76 during store hours.
By fax to +34 91 533 77 36
By email at

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Frequent questions about our shop.

Calle Juan Montalvo 14, next to Avda. de Reina Victoria, behind the Red Cross (Cruz Roja).

By metro: Guzmán el Bueno station, lines 7 and 6.

By car: you can come from Cuatro Caminos by la Avda. de Reina Victoria or from Pablo Iglesias.

Car parking available for customers.

Our specialty is quality.

In general you will find all types of fish and shellfish. Hake, cod, sardines, salmon, tuna, sole, young hake... As for shellfish we offer, all year round, the best quality seasonal products.

Shellfish. Crawfish, Spider Crab, Lobster, Giant Scarlet Shrimps, Oysters...
Fish. Sea bass, Salmon, Sea Bream,Yyoungs Eels.
Fish derivatives. Cocochas (cod barbel), Ventrescas (tuna belly), Caviar...

On a personal note, we could recommend something more… our Artisan Smoked Salmon.

Of course. We always ask the client how he wants it prepared and we make suggestions. For example, tuna can be prepared in cubes, slices, fillets…depending on how it is going to be prepared… grilled, stewed... Watch how we prepare the tuna.

No problem. We accept VISA, Mastercard, 4B...

You can call us on 915 331 576 during opening hours.

If you wish you could send us an email to

Pescaderías Coruñesas came to have more than 20 points of sale in 1920, but over the years they have closed and today there is only 1.

Visit the section Since 1911- Pescaderías Coruñesas and learn all about us.

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Since 1911, we work with the best seafood

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Fish and seafood directly served from la Lonja (seafood market)

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Discover our smoking process

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We also serve in our physical store

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Stop worrying and enjoy the best seafood